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Speacially dedicated to student who care about their future!

Dear friend,
I'm Patrick O'Grady, I have over 16 years off experience teaching english as a second language. I really lookto helping you conque the IELTS.

  • Do you feel English is super difficult?
  • Do you want learn the correct step by step methods to learning IELTS?

How to achieve a high score on the IELTS.
During 16 years of teaching anf 9 years teaching students in Vietnam, i saw the students always squiming, difficulty beginner stage IELTS, do not where to learn, how to learn.

I will:


Show you step by step how to conquer the IELTS
Undertand where you are and what should you learn
Would you like to learn the format of IELTS .

Don't worry we can help!


...Hard to believe, isn’t it?
Just imagine that your journey to IELTS is much clearer now, with lots of energy and motivation. All you need to do is using the tools that we provide you with. Spend at least 60 minutes each day following the path that we’ve built for you.
--> No more boredom at all
The most attractive thing is that after all your interest in English language will grow naturally.
This course aims at those students who desire to succeed in IELTS but are still lost in where to begin and how to study.

  • You can succeed in IELTS, even when your English vocabulary is poor.
  • You can succeed in IELTS, even when your English grammar is weak.
  • You can succeed in IELTS, even when your English speaking is bad.
  • You can succeed in IELTS with an interest, not a force.
  • You can succeed in IELTS Writing particularly as “how to write complex compound sentences” is no more a challenge.

Aren’t all these what you’ve been looking for?


A success in IELTS is never a pure coincidence. It is the result of strategies, actions and self-disciplines to overcome laziness and personal ego.
English Hanoi will help you with the very 1st step: building a suitable strategy. Finding that suitable strategy has been helping hundreds of students grow their confidence and their love for English. And above all, English is no longer so difficult to conquer.
Many of our students have achieved IELTS bands of 6.0, 7.0 or even 8.0. Some of them even become tutors or teachers of English language.
Aren’t all these so great?

Down from the “Register” button, everything is about the demo class – I guess it’s not necessary to translate, right?


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